Monday, October 25, 2010

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Côtes De Provence Rosé 2009

Random Aussie Bloke instructed his wife to pick up some rosé from Sainsbury's. He wisely told her to 'get the most expensive ones they have'. She came back with a Sancerre rosé, and this other one from Provence. I would have made the same choices.

However, unlike the Sancerre wine, this one was terrible I thought. I've had it twice I think, and the first time I remember being a bit underwhelmed. The second time though it was clear that it isn't a very good wine, so I feel compelled to share. Not much to say really, it's harsh and has an unpleasant finish. It reminds me of wines I tried in when I visited Brussels last summer - you could get Provence rosé from the supermarket in similarly shaped bottles for under 4 euros, and they were grim.

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Côtes De Provence Rosé 2009
Côtes De Provence AOC, Provence, France


  1. Wifey just came home with a bottle of the same and i have to say it was great. It's a very good reasonably priced example of the rose wines in the south of france/provence. Distinctive by the very pale pink colour. i think it's down to your palet Mr Aussie Bloke as I can't drink any Aussie wines now. OK I probably did overdose in the early 80's before heading for the Chilean shelf, however over the last 10 years or so drink mostly European (French, Spanish, Italian.).
    No big critisism of the Aussie plonk - I have spent many long evenings arguing with wine snobs about the best wines. The best wines are the ones which give YOU the most pleasure, be it a 3.99 bottle of plonk or a £100 reserve.
    As regards the Sainsbury's Rose I was only this evening talking about getting a case in for Christmas as it's on offer right now.
    So Mr Random Aussie I respect your viewpoint and would be happy to have a healthy banter over a few glasses with you ;-)

  2. Just tried this one and it's delicious. Very glad that Sainsburys finally has a drinkable rose. Saves me going to Waitrose or Nicolas. More like this please.

  3. You're wrong (original post). I did exactly as your wife did, bought the Sancerre rose AND the Cotes de Provence.
    The Sancerre was as you described the CdP: nasty finish. But the CdP was fantastic!! Equally as good as Rocquisant (sp?) or Jean Valestrel (neither available in UK it seems). They are wonderful roses.