Monday, October 18, 2010

Zonnebloem Chardonnay 2009

I wanted a decent, affordable Chardonnay and couldn't be bothered going into the supermarket. On my high street when I get out of the tube Oddbins is closest. In truth, I don't shop there much - they can't really compete with Waitrose (about 2 minutes further up the street) in terms of price, but they do offer an alternative selection. The manager there knows me, and I feel bad not going in more often.

Either way, I wasn't coming out empty-handed. There haven't been too many South African Chardonnays I haven't liked (possibly none). I don't drink them very often, but I usually go away impressed. This was £7.49, and the manager even gave it his seal of approval.

I liked it. It wasn't overly powerful or anything, but it had that meaty Chardonnay character with a touch of oak, and also the requisite tropical fruit flavours - a combination that makes it worthwhile in my opinion, especially at this price.

Chardonnay 2009
Stellenbosch, South Africa

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  1. Hi - really informative site you have here. Any idea what's actually happening with Oddbins? I did have a lot of their products on my site until recently and hvae heard various reports abouts them possibly continuing with an online presence.