Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spy Valley Gewurztraminer 2009

Being a huge fan of Spy Valley's Riesling, I thought I would try out their Gewurztraminer. I can't say Gewurz is my favourite wine - I find it can be hit and miss. Despite the cliché about it matching well with Asian food, in reality I've found it's not that easy to match because it's so characterful.

For example, this particular wine clashed with my food tonight (Ken Hom's chicken with black bean sauce). Something in the food gave the wine a bitter finish - perhaps it was the black beans themselves. Sipping it now on its own, I'm appreciating it much more.

It's quite heavy on the roses, especially on the palate. However it also has a good, crisp acidity and just the right amount of body - the balance is spot on, and the roses linger on the palate for ages.

A bit pricey at £12.49 from Majestic, but we all know that's not the real price. £9.99 when you buy 2 bottles.

Gewurztraminer 2009
Marlborough, New Zealand
£12.49 (£9.99 when you buy 2)

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