Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Barcelino Catalunya 2005

Well this is interesting. The folks at Lidl have done it. They've found a very good wine and managed to sell it for under £5 a bottle, with pretty much no fanfare.

This IS a good wine, not like that other one from Lidl that I blogged about a few days ago. Lots of fruit, complex-ish flavours, good depth and if you don't mind, a bit of oak. A lot of spiciness too, probably from the 3 months of aging in American oak. I'm not normally a huge fan of oaky flavours, but it suits this very well.

This normally sells for £4.99 which is already great value, but right now it's on sale for £3.49, which is almost a crime. I'm stocking up.

DO Catalunya 2005
£3.49 (£4.99)


  1. I'm just drinking it right now, and I'm sorry to say that it SUCKS. I regret to say that the other one (Montepulciano) is swallowable, this NOT. :(
    It's just taste like the classic cheap red wine that you can pay 1.50 euro per bottle, NOT 4 euro.

    Italian girl who lives in the Netherlands, and loves Barcelona

  2. This wine is OK but it's not the best.

  3. Opened this earlier and have really enjoyed it. First glass was rather spicy and almost 'mulled' in flavour but having let the wine breathe I have to say it was a pleasant surprise.
    Very fruity on the nose and somewhat thin in body but the flavour was robust enough to linger on the palette.

  4. It is VERY aromatic due to its maturing in oak barrels and it was a nice surprise to find wine like in Lidl. I enjoyed its flavour and taste. Valeria - funny that the worst wines I've ever drunk were Italian ;-)