Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lidl Soave Classico 2007

I have this risotto recipe that calls for a glass of white wine as an ingredient. I usually buy a bottle of the cheapest dry Italian white I can find and use that. Depending on the wine's drinkability, I either save the rest of the bottle for the next time I make the risotto, or drink it.

I thought for sure this wine was going to be in the former category. I bought it from Lidl, and it satisfied my minimal requirements (I just saw "Soave" and "£3.62"). When I actually tasted it I was pleasantly surprised - not only was it not hideous, it was actually pretty good. When bought it I didn't actually realize it was a "Classico", which should, in theory, mean a step up from just plain Soave.

Let's not get too carried away, it's a fairly simple wine - the sort you'd get in a pub if you ask for a "dry white wine", and it has a bit of a grapey, confected aftertaste. But like all wines, it has its time and place and it would suit me just fine with an olive oil and garlic pasta dish.

I'm not sure who produces this wine, but I think it's the same producer that makes this. It's not clear from the label and I can't be bothered trying to work it out. It's probably a co-op or something.

UPDATE: This isn't so great, having tried it a couple of more times. I'm changing it from a 3 to a 2.

Lidl Soave Classico 2007 DOC
Verona, Italy

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  1. I have bought the 2008-version. Quite good with a dorado-fish!