Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reserve St Clair Lussac St. Emilion 2005

This wine is one of those fantastic random finds that I stumble upon because I always buy wine that's on sale. This was marked down from £14.99 to £7.49, and being a 2005 Bordeaux I thought it might have potential. OK, it's a Lussac St. Emilion and it sells in Tesco (not bad, but not in the league of classed growth claret), but the whole point of stellar vintages is that quality across the board increases. This one hits the nail on the head.

Wonderfully fruity nose, very good acidity, nice tannic grip, and just an all around pleasure to drink. What a bargain. I bought several bottles a few months ago, and decided to cellar them for awhile because the wine does show signs of agebility. I can't resist dipping into them once in a while though, and I think I may need to top them up because it's on sale again...

I'm not sure who the producer actually is. It says on the bottle "Y.M.". I'm wondering if it's the Yvon Mau group. I'm not going to wonder too much. It may be exclusive to Tesco.

Reserve Saint-Clair
Lussac Saint-Emilion 2005
£7.49 (£14.99)

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