Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sainsbury's Vintage Cava 2006

I'm not sure what the difference between this Cava and the usual "Taste the Difference" Vintage Cava we usually see from Sainsbury's is, but this particular one seems to be the offering from said supermarket for this year's Vintage Cava half-price silly season (along with the usual suspect, Clos Monistrol).

This is the 3rd vintage cava that I've blogged about in the past couple of weeks, and I don't have much to add, frankly. This one is actually made by Cordoniu, one of the largest, if not the largest, cava producers in Spain.

So, was 2006 such a good year for Cava that they decided to produce a vintage wine, as they do in other regions such as Champagne? I guess it was. Have you ever seen a Cava vintage chart? No? Me neither. I have also seen vintage cavas for 2003, 2005, and 2007. 2007? Considering this post was written in late 2008, I guess there is no requirement to age on the lees, or cellar for any great length of time.

I'm not trying to have a go at Cava here. I don't know enough about it really, and information is sparse. If anyone can fill me in on the details of vintage Cava requirements and production I'd love to hear it. Until then, to me it is a cheap and cheerful bubbly that is perpetually sold for half-price.

Vintage Cava 2006
DO Cava, Spain
£4.99 (£9.99)


  1. We have tried this cava tonight and actually found it to be one of the best and most enjoyable/reasonably priced bottles.

    Would definatley recommend!

  2. I agree! I have been drinking this Cava for two years now and always keep a look out for it's half price status in Sainsbury's. I would not pay the asking price of nearlly 15 quid for this bottle (i would rather buy a good bootle of red) but when it's half price there is no better cava i have tasted for the price. I too would definately recommend but only when it is 5.99....Regards Enjoy!!

  3. Hey Tim!!Check this link out!!
    Its a generalization of the vintages, but it gives you a better idea. The vintages are made by the D.O Cava so it should be very objective.