Saturday, December 13, 2008

Waitrose Blanc de Blancs NV Champagne

This Champagne has been performing very well in Decanter magazine's blind tastings recently. I believe it won the trophy for the NV Champagne category in the 2007 DWWA (Decanter World Wine Awards), and in 2008 it received a 5 star rating in a NV Champagne blind tasting. It is made for Waitrose by Champagne house Charles Heidsieck. It is a Blanc de Blancs (or Blankety-Blank as my better half calls it), meaning it's made entirely from the white-skinned Chardonnay grape.

It has a nose that reminded me of fresh cream (?!), lots of small bubbles and a medium finish that had an almost dirt-like flavour (not a bad thing). Definitely more complex than the cheaper sparklers that I usually drink. Good stuff.

Is it worth £20? Who knows. Supermarket own-label Champagne seems to be the best value for money choice out there these days (Waitrose's isn't the only one that scores well in these tastings), and if you've got the money and want something decent these won't let you down. However, unless you're a wine geek, a supermarket branded bottle may not be terribly impressive to those expecting a luxury item, but that's their loss.

Blanc de Blancs NV Champagne
Champagne, France

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