Friday, March 6, 2009

Cune Monopole Blanco 2006 Rioja

This is a white Rioja. The label on the bottle says that it's made from the Viura grape. Never heard of that one before, but it's actually better known as Macabeo (to me anyways), and it's used in Cava, among other things.

This wine was all about the oak. The predominant character on the nose was blue cheese, along with the usual vanilla and citrus notes. I get the feeling that without the oak it wouldn't have a lot of character (except for the blue cheese - what's that all about I wonder?), but nonetheless it was an interesting drink. It was a bit chewy, and should have been drunk with food, but we were curious to try it so we just opened it anyways. I enjoyed it though and would buy it again, but I would first try and find a good food match for it.

Monopole Rioja Blanco 2006
Rioja, Spain
£5.99 (£7.99)

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  1. You know I've seen a lot of blue cheese character in Riojas, generally reds. But now that you come to mention it my girlfriend spotted it in Muga barrel fermented white. It can't all just be down to old "historic" cellars, so I am guessing that the Riojans are happy with a slightly more reduced character than in some other regions..? Bit of a mystery.