Sunday, June 21, 2009

Asda Extra Special Australian Riesling 2007

I don't shop at Asda really all that much. Well, never actually. Our "local" store is at Clapham Junction - a bit too far for common use. But they have the odd sale on nappies, and there are a few other interesting shops over that way, so I decided to tag along this time.

I've seen the odd Asda wine listed as a medal winner in wine competitions and tastings, so I made sure to check out the wine aisles, and that's when I noticed this Riesling. It was on offer for £5.98 (from £7.98). It's an own-label wine, but looking at the back label it is in fact made by respected Clare Valley producer Knappstein, which is in prime cool-climate Riesling territory.

The wine was very good I thought. Crisp and tangy with lime and apple characteristics, and a hint of petrol (mmmmmm petrol). I think I also detected a bit of residual sugar, despite the fact that the wine is labelled "very dry".

I usually find Clare Valley Rieslings a bit dull. The ones I've tried have been very dry, tangy sometimes to the point of being almost sour, and highly acidic. Perhaps they have been too young to appreciate. Sometimes they don't resemble a Riesling at all, having a more tropical fruit palate then anything else, and those I really can't stand. I prefer the off-dry, more subtle Germanic style (this style can also be done well in New Zealand). However this one impressed, and it is a great wine for the price.

Asda Extra Special Australian Riesling
Clare Valley, Australia
£5.98 (£7.98)

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