Monday, June 22, 2009

Mont Tauch "Les Quatres" Fitou 2005

We actually drank this wine a few weeks ago, so I probably shouldn't be blogging about it now, but it's a decent wine and you'll have to forgive me for the time lapse.

I had only tried the entry level Mont Tauch Fitou previously, and wasn't all that impressed with it. Despite that I felt there was a bit of potential there, and as mentioned in that blog post I was keen on trying a more upmarket bottling.

It was kind of a weird experience - it was a hot day, and nobody seemed in the mood for red wine, especially a beefy one like this. I think we had it with beef Goulash. It was a good match with the food but not the weather. I do remember it being hefty but with good fruit, most likely enjoyable in the right circumstances. It made a good enough impression for me to try it again.

"Les Quatres" Fitou 2005
AOC Fitou, France
£7.99 (£9.99)

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