Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zenato Villa Flora Lugana 2008

Judging from various critic's comments and reading the back label on the bottle, I was expecting something interesting from this wine. While decent, I wasn't really that impressed.

"Sophisticated", "Interesting" say the critics. "Limited production, all bottles are numbered" says the label. Wow...I can hardly wait to try this, and for only £5.99!

To me, this has the same fairly uninteresting peachy/pear flavours that a lot of Italian whites have. Absolutely nothing new. It does, however, have a slight underlying spiciness or something to it, a hint of richness. But only slightly.

Reading up on the grape involved, it seems that not much is to be expected from it. I'm not saying that I blindly believe everything in Wikipedia, but if this is as good as it gets then it kind of rings true. There's nothing wrong with this wine, it just seems a bit over-hyped.

Villa Flora Lugana 2008
Veneto, Italy
£5.99 (25% off)

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