Sunday, June 14, 2009

Underraga Brut NV

I hate reviewing sparkling wines.  They hardly ever make much of an impression on me, probably because I only ever buy cheap ones.  This was meant to be an aperitif, but we ended up drinking it after dinner (because my host's wife wouldn't let him open the Pol Roger).

Produced by the charmat method, it's a blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir from vineyards in Chile's Maipo Valley.  I thought it smelled like whisky.  It tasted OK though - fairly simple and light.  I paid just under £9 for it, which now seems like a rip off seeing that Majestic has it on offer for £4.99.

Brut NV
Maipo Valley, Chile
The Grape Shop

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