Thursday, September 3, 2009

Domane Wachau "Terraces" Gruner Veltiner 2008

As mentioned in the previous post, Waitrose is currently running a "World of Wine Showcase". This Austrian Gruner grabbed my attention thanks to the Decanter World Wine Awards Trophy sticker on the neck of the bottle.

I don't know exactly what the trophy was for (because I STILL haven't received my copy of the DWWA issue in the post, and I don't want to peek), but I'm guessing it's for some sort of under £10 category.*

I wasn't really sure what to expect with this, as I've only tried one other Gruner Veltliner before. It's funny reading that post as I had forgotten what I had written, and there are similarities to this one.

However, while I said that one resembled a "boring Alsatian wine", this one also resembles an Alsatian wine, namely Pinot Gris, and it's not boring. It has more pronounced flavours and a little more character than the Sainsbury's offering. It's an apple/pear/citrus mixture, with a cidery finish and a bit of texture. I wouldn't say I'm floored by it, but it's enjoyable.

I think I might have erred with the food pairing as well. Both of these Gruners that I've tried I've served with a spicy Chinese chicken dish, but I'm not sure it's suited to that (off-dry Riesling has that sewn up). I think it would be better with something milder.

* UPDATE - I peeked. The trophy was for the Austria White Under £10 category.

"Terraces" Gruner Veltliner 2008
£5.99 (£7.99)

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