Friday, September 4, 2009

Les Quatres Clochers Chardonnay Réserve 2007

I frequently find that I need a Chardonnay, and I don't have any. It's not something I usually stock up on, and I really have no excuse not to do so. Some food just requires it - anything with a cream sauce, risotto, chicken, pasta carbonara, etc. I usually have to run out and get some, instead of grabbing one from my "cellar".*

A little while ago Tesco had an offer where you could trade in your clubcard vouchers for Wine Club vouchers. You had to type in the voucher codes in their website, and you would receive Wine Club vouchers in the post, worth double the original value. Mine were due to expire in early September, so I had to use them up, and fast.

I had read about this Chardonnay previously when it was on offer, but they had run out of stock. It's now back in stock, so I decided to try it out.

My other choice (since I had to buy 12 bottles, and they only come in cases of 6), was Colomé Torrentes, a Decanter Trophy-winning Argentinean white. I have yet to try it.

Back to the Chardonnay. It's from Limoux, a region in the Languedoc probably more famous for its sparkling wine. It's pretty good stuff - medium bodied with a touch of spicy oak. It's elegant and nicely textured.

This wine got a few accolades in the press - but I'm wondering if that was for the 2006 vintage (as advertised on Tesco's website) rather than the 2007 (as I received in my delivery). 2006 was a better vintage in Burgundy apparently. However I don't mean to leave you guessing, for this price this is highly recommended.

*By "cellar" I mean wine rack in my bedroom, which is in the basement.

Les Quatres Clochers Chardonnay Réserve 2007
Limoux AOC, Languedoc, France
£7.11 (online)

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