Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finca Flichman Gestos Shiraz 2008

This is the second Shiraz from Argentina that I've had recently, and didn't enjoy.

Right off the bat it has a cheap smell, and a harsh, woody palate. Cheap oakiness combined with a rough, smoky flavour makes for a memorable experience - for all the wrong reasons. My fiancĂ©e wouldn't even drink it. She had one sip and it sent a shiver through her, and not in a good way. I bravely choked it down, reluctant to pour £6 down the drain. It didn't really get any better.

I don't feel I'm informed enough to generalize, but maybe Shiraz/Syrah isn't Argentina's thing? Or maybe it's not my thing. They obviously have their Malbec, and they do good blends, but I thought why not try something off the beaten path once in a while? Well, here's why not.

Gestos Shiraz 2008
Medonza, Argentina
£5.49 (£6.99)


  1. Hi Tim...checking your recent notes..just a thought...don't risk another disappointment for your price limit...drink water for a day(smile)...and try something more expensive...

  2. Hi Barry,

    Well, you may be right, but you know, it's a tough job and someone's got to do it and all that...

    I am also aware of the price range...I don't expect brilliance - but garbage is not acceptable. I have expensive stuff sitting in my wine rack (funnily enough - it usually doesn't get blogged about). The £6 - £10 price bracket is fascinating and challenging, and that's what this blog is all about...:-)


  3. Hi Tim...I hear what you are saying...I just felt the suffering(smile) I know you have something to sooth the troubled palate...I can rest easy....

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