Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Lane Pinot Gris 2006

Random Aussie Bloke brought this wine over. He was saving it for the next time I made General Tso's Chicken. Theoretically a good match, except that I made the chicken ridiculously spicy. A slight oversight on my part, especially since his wife is pregnant and had to eat a whole pack of Remegel in order to make it through the meal.

The wine is definitely a Pinot Gris as opposed to a Pinot Grigio. It's fat, oily, floral, apple, pear, etc. The food overpowered it (nothing could have stood up to that), but you could tell it was a top-class wine.

No idea where he got it or what it cost. Probably not cheap.

Pinot Gris 2006
Adelaide Hills, Australia

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