Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Society's Chilean Syrah 2007

I'm becoming a fan of Chilean Syrah, especially from the northern Limari and Elqui valleys. It's more Rhone than Aussie Shiraz, and even at ridiculously low prices you get powerful, concentrated, characterful wines.

This example is from the Elqui Valley, and at £6.50 is a steal. It's a bit rougher around the edges than say the Maycas del Limari offering, but it's quite good, especially for this price.

Cliché tasting notes of these wines include black pepper and meat. I'm not sure I get that with this one, but I get what I think is a typical 'dark fruit' type character. Although these wines are 100% Syrah they remind me of southern Rhone wines from Lirac and Chateauneuf-du-Pape (which include Grenache among other things). Perhaps it's the high alcohol and ripe fruit. Either way, Chilean Syrah is good, and it's a new favourite of mine.

The Society's Chilean Syrah 2007
Elqui Valley, Chile
The Wine Society

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