Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peter Lehmann Eden Valley Riesling 2008

I wouldn't say this is my favourite Australian Riesling, but I think it expresses enough Riesling character and the price is reasonable enough to warrant some attention.

It's interesting to see what others thought of this wine. One customer on Majestic's website found it disappointing (although they gave it 3/5), and though it was expensive. On Peter Lehmann's website the average customer rating is 2/5, where 2 is 'OK' and 5 is 'excellent'.

I think I would just say this is a good 'everyday' Riesling when you can get it on offer. There is certainly nothing much wrong with it, except perhaps a slight lack of concentration. I've had far worse at this price point.

Eden Valley Riesling 2008
Eden Valley, Australia
£8.69 (£6.95 when you buy 2)

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