Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brewery Hill Reserve Shiraz 2008

I had a late night tonight with my brother-in-law, drinking wine and eating chicken wings (hey, I'm Canadian so they're an obsession) in my kitchen. I probably should have saved a nice bottle like this for a quieter occasion, but Kieron was nice enough to babysit for us last night so I wasn't about to get stingy with the wine.

This is a noticeable upgrade from the Brewery Hill entry-level bottling I had earlier in the week. It has a more complex nose, denser fruit on the palate and a concentrated, gravelly, long finish. I probably could have put it under the microscope a bit more but from the first whiff I could tell it was quality.

An interesting tidbit from the Naked Wines website: the winemaker of Brewery Hill, Jock Harvey, has been shortlisted for the 2010 Winemaker of the Year. I have no idea who awards this prize, or when the winner is announced, but he says if he wins, he will use the prize money to produce a Shiraz/Sangiovese blend just for Naked Wines. Now that would be interesting to try.

Brewery Hill
Reserve Shiraz 2008
South Australia
Naked Wines


  1. Hi Tim, Fran here from Naked Wines. To answer your question on the Winemaker of the Year comp...

    1) Our Archangel customers created the shortlist (our Archangels are our most interactive customers who help us select and price our wines).
    2) Then it goes to the public vote i.e. ALL Naked customers are invited to vote
    3) And we're announcing the winner next week so watch this space...

    P.S. Please feel free to vote!

  2. Hello Tim

    I had a bottle of this one the other day, too - although I can't say we had it with chicken wings ;)

    I agree about the nose - it reeks of ripe blackcurrant, but in a good way. I think a few more years in bottle would do no harm whatsoever.

    See if you agree with my full review here:

    Cheers, Tom

  3. Hi Tom,

    Yeah I saw your review - I also left a comment on your review of the Klein Riesling - also asking where you buy your dry Austrian/German Riesling?