Sunday, August 2, 2009

La Chapelle de Pitray, Côtes de Castillon 2006

I've tried, and enjoyed, the 2005 vintage of this wine. The 2006 vintage has left a mostly negative impression on me. I found it thin and watery, and just generally short on character.

Perhaps I've been drinking too much Aussie red lately, and am just not used to claret's subtleties. I don't drink a lot of this kind of wine in the summer, and I find I have to chill it. Our flat gets quite hot in the summer, generally reflecting the outdoor temperature (it's 25C today, outside and in). Either way, it's not an ideal red wine drinking setting, and I find it takes some of the enjoyment away.

La Chapelle de Pitray 2006
Côtes de Castillon AOC, Bordeaux, France

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